Welcome to Pugglemania

Pugglemania pugs are based in Dorset. Our dogs are very active and lead a healthy lifestyle enjoying lots of walks and games with our German Shepherd Dog "Fitch". We take great care to ensure that our breeding stock is healthy, to promote happy, healthy puppies.

Our pugs are all absolutely adored by our family and share our home, they all live indoors with us. They have all achieved in the show ring at open and championship level, which has become a fun day out for all of us.


As a retired dog groomer with some 30 years' experience, I have in the past bred and shown Irish wolfhounds and German Shepherds. I decided to search for a small robust breed that could bounce around with our GSD. Then a friend, Hilary Linnett of Conquell Pugs, suggested that I took on board one of her pug puppies, a little girl, Conquell Lady Bling, otherwise known as "Pipkin" . . . and the seed was sewn.

My husband Brian, who was not quite so sure about taking on "something so small with our big dog" was smitten, love at first sight, and we hadn't even got her home when we decided to break our journey and stop for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day, in a pub garden with a tiny pug puppy, and we took the pub by storm! Pipkin could almost have given autographs as she held court to dozens of people, who were equally smitten, and in typical pug style took it all in her stride. She knew she was born to be adored.

Having gained our first fawn girl, I decided I would like to take on a black pug puppy and chose Snugglepug Black Tulip "Flo Jo" from Elaine Arnold of Snugglepugs, West Sussex. Flo is a full litter sister to Champion Snugglepug Indiana Jones at Estelamay.

We have never looked back. They are the most charming of breeds, funny, brazen, cheeky, clever and naughty little devils. They give and crave affection in equal doses and we were won over in one fell swoop.